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Electric City Bus

The LCK6122EVG coach is 12 meters long and provides full-load capacity, extremely suitable for use in medium-scale and large-scale urban public transportation systems. The coach has a clean appearance and nice interior design. Not only that, by applying sophisticated manufacture techniques and high-quality components, the motor coach also possesses excellent dynamic properties, high reliability, high safety, low energy consumption and stable performance. Reliable vehicle parts and configurations include professional chassis, Lithium ion battery pack, continuously variable transmission gearbox, rear-mount motor, rear wheel drive system, A.C. system, electric steering system, air compression system, controller and electric control components.

Bus parameter total length (mm) 11990 Power train system Battery model Lithium iron phosphate
total width (mm) 2540 Total capacity 230.4
total height (mm) 3280,3150 Cooling method Air cooling
wheelbase (mm) 6100 Drive system WTEM80-40-2
front/rear suspension (mm) 2640/3250
inner height (mm) 2450 Drive method Four-gear motor AMT
approach angle/departure angle (º) 7.0/7.0 Voltage of controller (V) 540 (DC)
height of single step (mm) ≤360 Rated /Max. power (kw) 80/160
max total mass defined by factory (kg) 18000 Rated /Max. torque (N.m) 477/1000
max speed (km/h) 69 Cooling method Water cooling
rated capacity (person) 70/10-42
Item Configurations Option
Chassis parameter Manufacturer Zhongtong Bus Holding Co., Ltd.
Front axle 7T, disc brake
Rear axle 13T, drum brake
Suspension Air suspension 2/4
Steering Integral power steering
Brake Electric air pumper; dual-circuit air brake; front disc and rear drum brake; air drier; ABS; and rear automatic adjustment arm
Tire 275/70R22.5×6
Batteries Storage battery, 120A.h×2
Others Fans for motor cooling
Seat Zhongtong 8061 coach seats,Zhongtong 1021 adjustable driver seat