6180GC City Bus (BRT)

After 1000 days' investigation and 280 days' development, BRT series city bus came out in Zhongtong with excellent driving performance and large capacity. The whole bus frame is made out of an integral body technique to realize a reasonable structure. Each BRT city bus can hold up to 175 people at most. The design of widened bus door ensures that passengers are able to get on or off quickly. For the driving part, we have employed the ergonomic principles and made the operation panel user-friendly.

Salient Features
1. Appearance
LCK6180G city bus employs unique bullet-shaped head and streamline body, showing a strong sense of speed and impact. It features large capacity, high speed, low emission, little noise, and low consumption. It is 18m long, 2.54m wide, and can carry 175 people at most. For details, we have designed the windows with a certain slope for the consideration of reducing resistance when the bus is driving. For the bus body, to curtail the bus's weight, we adopt a kind of special high-strength lightweight steel, combined with the advanced full bearing bus body technique of BOVA. That has largely guaranteed the safety of the bus.

2. Configuration
For the bus's electrical control system, the application of CAN bus technique brings about information sharing between ECAS, ABS, engine, and hinge plate ACU system, ensuring that driver is able to keep abreast of the running conditions of every part of the bus. The air conditioner with large cooling capacity and the heater system provides a comfortable temperature for the bus. Besides, the ACU articulated system from Hubner is introduced for the bus, ensuring that the whole bus is always kept safe under any cases of steering.

3. High Safety
The bus is equipped with imported non-slip floor mat. The driving compartment is closed type to ensure driver's safety. Additionally, the hinged plate introduced from Germany contributes both to enhance the system's safety and to improve the space utilization.

4. Other Details
Our city bus is penetrated with the concept of humanized design almost everywhere. The large-power ensures a comfortable temperature inner the bus. The inner space will give passengers a feeling of spacious and bright. The top of the back part of the bus is heightened to widen the standing space.

Bus parameters total length (mm) 17990 Engine model GL11K
total width (mm) 2500 manufacturer Doosan
total height (mm) 3600 position/fuel rear/natural gas
inner height (mm) >2100 type straight, 4-stroke, water cooling, turbocharging, intercooling, direct injection
wheelbase (mm) 5900+6000 max power (kw) 340
front/rear suspension (mm) 2760/3330 max torque (N.M) 1373
approach angle/departure angle (º) 13.9/12.8 displacement (ml) 11051
height of single step (mm) 1100 cylinder diameter × stroke (mm) 123×155
max total mass defined by factory (kg) ≤28000
rated capacity (person) 140/39+1
max speed (km/h) 100
Item Standard configuration Optional configuration
Chassis parameters gearbox Allison 6-speed automatic gearbox; with hydraulic retarder T375R
hinge plate Huber
front axle Moelis, 7t Dongfeng Dana7T
rear axle Moelis, 13t Dongfeng Dana 13T
middle axle Moelis, 13t Dongfeng Dana 13T
suspension air suspension; airbag; 2 for front/4 for middle/4 for rear
steering ZF8098
brake front/middle/rear disc brake
cylinder capacity 120L×9
natural gas supply system AINY
tire 275/70R22.5; quantity: 11 (with spare tires included)
accumulator/alternator 195A.H×2/150A 24V
seat uncovered seat specially for public transport bus; 38+1 arrangement (4 red courtesy seats); air suspension type driver seat; space for wheelchair