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6107H Coach (Cruise)

Cruise is a luxury bus series designed for passenger transport and tourism cooperatively by Zhongtong and internationally well-known design companies. Zhongtong pays a lot of attention to travelling comfort. The design of 6107H coach shows the concept of humanity everywhere from driver cab to passenger seat. Cruise buses look elegant and spacious. The operation system is rather reliable and safe. 6107H bus enjoys the advantages of ultra-low power consumption with a scientific matching.

Salient Features
1. Scientific Design and Low Energy Consumption
The whole bus is designed to be lightweight. An internationally advanced vehicle performance simulation system is employed to choose the appropriate engine, chassis and other accessories for the bus, ensuring superior performance and low energy consumption. The optimization of engine air intake and exhaust and fuel flow increasing technology contributes to reduce energy consumption and save cost. Temperature of the engine is controlled within an appropriate range with the constant temperature control system, significantly reducing wear and energy consumption. In addition, the ultra-large luggage compartment provides another profit space for passenger transport companies.

2. Humanized Design
The humanized design penetrates every details of our bus. For example, the electric control rearview mirror can maximize the visual range of driver; the user-friendly driver cab equipped with delicately-arranged dashboard offers a wide view and convenient operation; the inclined vertical plate of step effectively increases the step space, making it more secure for passengers to go upward or downward; the hinge access door installed at the front wall is convenient to be repaired and replaced; The silent air-conditioner and soundproof flooring ensures a quiet driving environment; and the optimized interior space will bring both drivers and passengers a comfortable driving experience.

Bus parameter total length (mm) 10500 Engine model WP7.270E30/ISDE 270 30/ ISB6.7E5285/C245 20/YC6G270-20
total width (mm) 2500 manufacturer Yuchai/DCEC /Cummins/DCEC/Yuchai
total height (mm) 3620 position/fuel rear, diesel
inner height (mm) 2060 type 6 cylinder, intercooling
wheelbase (mm) 5170 max power (kw) 199/198/285/180/199
front/rear suspension (mm) 2150/3180 max torque (N.M) 1000/970/1020/1025/1080
approach angle/departure angle (º) 11/9 displacement (ml) 7140/6690/6700/8900/7800
height of single step (mm) 430 cylinder diameter × stroke (mm) 108*130/107×124/107X124/114X135/112X132
max total mass defined by factory (kg) 15000 emission standard
rated capacity (person) 24-58 luggage compartment volume (m3) 4.6 (through type)
max speed (km/h) 120
Item Standard configuration Optional configuration
Chassis parameter chassis Zhongtong Bus Holding Co., Ltd.
gearbox Qijiang 6S-100 (only for ISDE 270 30) Jijiang S6-90/ QJ1205 manual gearbox
Allison T325 automatic gearbox (ISB6.7E5285)
clutch single plate, dry, spiral spring clutch, φ420
front axle 5.5t front axle
rear axle 11T
suspension air suspension with 6 airbag multiple leaf spring (front 8, rear 11)
steering integral power steering
brake double circuit air brake, front-disc rear-drum brake, KORMEE ABS, automatic gap adjusting arm, retarder WABCO ABS, rear disc brake
fuel tank 250L×2 115L×2
tire 11R22.5 (double coin), 6+1
accumulator/alternator 2X195Ah/ 150A +120A, Cummins engine (140A+120A)
seat Zhongtong ZTZY3210 luxury aero seat (adjustable armrest and backrest); ZTZY1050 driver's seat; 35+1 safety belt for each seat; lateral movement and pedal; ZTZY2020 tour guide seat; ZTZY1052 driver's seat with airbag