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6105HGC City Bus (Fashion)

6105HGC series city bus is a newly developed product in Zhongtong basing on the features of intercity traffic. It is designed with the appearance and structure of urban bus for the purpose of letting passengers getting on and off the bus conveniently.

1. Appearance similar to public transport bus: the city bus is designed with the appearance of a public transport bus, with road signs set at front, back and right side of its body. It is equipped with armrests and 2+2 seat layout. Passengers can stand at the aisle. Luggage compartment is available inner the bus.
2. Skin of the front part of the bus is a combination of 4 structures for the convenience of checking the inner electrical elements.
3. Six-speed transmission is adopted according to the characteristics of intercity traffic. Instantaneous fuel consumption meter is mounted so drivers will get to know the oil consumption conditions and keep the bus running at the most economical state.
4. Simple uniaxial hinge is adopted for the side door to enhance the bus' reliability and sealability.
5. The air conditioner and heater system is employed with automatic control system and touch panel to realize a constant temperature control.
6. With the CAE finite element analysis technique, we have modified the bus structure to prevent bus's vibration and improved the system's safety.
7. The newly developed dashboard can be opened from the top for the convenience of checking the electrical elements.
8. Anti-collision beams are set both at the front and rear side of the bus to enhance its' safety.

Bus parameters total length (mm) 10500 Engine model BGE5 230/ YC6G230N-40
total width (mm) 2500 manufacturer Xigang/Cummins/Yuchai
total height (mm) 3120, 3455 (natural gas state) position/fuel natural gas
inner height (mm) 2280 type straight 6-cylinder, 4-stroke, water cooling, turbocharging, intercooling, direct injection
wheelbase (mm) 5000 max power (kw) 169/170
front/rear suspension (mm) 2320/3180 max torque (N.M) 678/850
approach angle/departure angle (º) 7.6/7.9 displacement (ml) 5900/7800
height of single step (mm) ≤380 cylinder diameter × stroke (mm) 102*120/112*132
max total mass defined by factory (kg) 16000
rated capacity (person) 25+3+1
max speed (km/h) 90
Item Standard configuration
Chassis parameters chassis Zhongtong Bus Holding Co., Ltd.
gearbox Allison T270R
front axle Dongfeng Dana 7.5t door type front axle
rear axle Dongfeng Dana 11t
suspension Komman air suspension
steering integral power steering gear
brake double circuit air brake / drum brake ; dryer; WABCO ABS&ASR
fuel tank 7×80L CNG natural gas cylinder from Tianhai; installed overhead; with glass steel cover
tire 275/70R22.5; quantity: 6
accumulator/alternator 195A.h×2/110A 24V
others WABCO dryer; Autol lubrication system; bus body lift system from Knorr; gas pre-filter from Donaldson; fan from Horton
seat 25+3+1 layout; air suspension type luxury driver seat; ZTZY8050 passenger seat especially for public transport bus; 3 folding chairs