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6898H Coach (Sparkling)

The Sparkling series coach is our new product designed for medium and short distance passenger transport and tourism. Basing on some mature products on the market, it is designed to be more human-friendly. It shows a much better versatility and lower cost. For the bus body, the flat floor makes it easier to cleaned and for passengers to walk on; the overhead air intake system helps to improve the air intake quality of the engine and to make it more economical. For the driver operating part, to add to drivers' comfort and convenience, we have made the shift lever to be separated from the engine cover, and lengthening the lever to increase the arm force. Supported by CATIA, ALIAS and other engineering software, as well as the CAE finite element analysis technique, Sparking coach gains a reliable and reasonable structure, which makes it highly safe. Compared with other similar coaches, its drag coefficient is 5% smaller. The sunken engine is installed under the seats of last several rows to make full use of the interior bus space. The combination of reasonably-arranged chassis, intelligent temperature control system, as well as Zhongtong simulation analysis system, which is competent in simulating the running conditions of vehicles under various typical traffic situations, Sparking series coach can save 5-10% of fuel for users. In addition to the air suspension with six airbags and the bidirectional telescopic shock absorber, there are details of meticulous designs and energy-saving techniques everywhere in the bus, such as the extremely long-life LED lights for all of the bus lights except the high beam. The service life of LED is up to 8 to 10 years, with the energy consumption only 20% of that of ordinary fluorescents.

Bus parameter total length (mm) 8995 Engine model YC6J230-20/ISDe230 30
total width (mm) 2420
total height (mm) 3290 manufacturer Yuchai/DCEC
inner height (mm) 1940 position/fuel diesel/diesel/diesel/ diesel
wheelbase (mm) 4300 type inline-six cylinder, four-stroke, water-cooling, intercooling
front/rear suspension (mm) 1920/2775 max power (KW) 162/169
approach angle/departure angle (º) 12/9 max torque (N.M) 800/900
height of a single step (mm) 420 displacement (ml) 6500/6700
max total mass (kg) 11600 cylinder diameter × stroke (mm) 105X125/107×124
rated capacity (person) 35+1+1+3 emission standard
max speed (km/h) 110 luggage compartment volume (m3) 3.5
Item Standard configuration Optional configuration
Chassis parameters chassis Zhongtong Bus Holding Co., Ltd.
gearbox S6-100 (I gear and reverse gear set left)
clutch φ395, single plate, dry clutch
front axle 4.2T, disc
rear axle 8T
suspension air suspension (2/4 airbag) multiple leaf spring 7/11
steering integral power steering
brake double circuit air brake, KORMEE ABS, automatic gap adjusting arm, front-disc rear-drum brake
fuel tank 200L 300L
tire 9R22.5 (double coin) 10R22.5
accumulator/alternator 165A.h/150A+120A (YC6J230-20) 140A+120A (ISDe230 30) 150A of alternator when retarder is not equipped
others oil-water separator, dryer, clutch booster, air brake, retarder
seat 2+2 arrangement; 35+1+1+3; adjustable seat ZTZY3170 with lateral movement function; ZTZY2020 tour guide seat; seat belt alarming system for all seats; 3 folding chairs at the rear corridor of the middle door; airbag for driver's seat ZTZY1052 2+2 arrangement; 25+1+1; adjustable seat ZTZY3170; safety belt for every seat; shock absorber for driver's seat ZTZY1050; ultra-thin seat for tour guide with lateral movement; pedal